Christ Lutheran Church & Preschool

5500 Francis Avenue, Chino CA 91710


(909) 627-1433  burgundy bullet  FAX (909) 627-4120


Pastor:  Roy K. Robbins


Music Director: Georgeta Barnes burgundy bullet Preschool Director: Stacey Strasser

Welcome to Christ Lutheran Church and Preschool


To Know Christ and to Make Christ Known

The people of Christ welcome you. We know that God loves you and wants to be a dynamic part of your life. So, on His behalf, you’re invited to come and personally experience that warmth and love. We are quite a mix of folks here at Christ including babes in arms, youth, active adults who are spread across the ages while walking in a variety of vocations as well as older adults who can be counted on to share the wisdom of ages. You’ll have opportunities to take part in any number of activities as you and your family grow with Christ.

Make our church your church.


Tradional 8:00  A.M.
*Contemporary 10:00  A.M.
*childcare available during service

Services and Events